Greek Blend
Greek Blend
Greek Blend
Greek Blend

Greek Blend

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"Specially Blended For You"
Our Spice Blends Are:
  • * 0 Calories
  • * 0 Fat
  • * 0 Sugars
  • * 0 Msg
  • * Low Sodium
  • * No Anti-Caking Agents
100% Delicious

We do not add Anti-Caking Agents in our spice blends. You MUST shake well before each use and you might have to tap the bottle on the edge of a counter to loosen up the spices in some of the blends.
Our Greek Blend is an array of Greek Flavors consisting of 13 different spices. This will elevate your average chicken, beef, seafood, and vegetables dishes. This blend is excellent as a dipping oil or finishing oil. It is great simply sprinkled on your favorite meat or vegetables and grilled, roasted or baked. 


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