Pimento Cheese Straw 1 pound Gift Box

Pimento Cheese Straw 1 pound Gift Box

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At Sugared Spoon we believe that food brings people together and creates memorable moments.  As a child, growing up in a middle class family, my best memories were those made in the kitchen and around the dinner table.  Food always seem to play a special part in our times together and it still does today.  Cheese straws were one of those treats that my mom always made during the holidays and as my love for baking grew, I decided to tweak her recipe and make my own version. I crafted this recipe so that you are sure to get a smooth and creamy pimento cheese and cheddar flavor with a hint of spice in every bite.

Our delicious Cheese Straws are made in Wake Forest, North Carolina

These cheese straws come packaged in an elegant brown resealable brown foil bag with 4 ounces of freshly baked cheese straws.

These cheese straws come packaged in an elegant brown and gold gift box with 1 pound of freshly baked pimento cheese straws.

These also make great gifts!
Many people give these for special occasions, holidays, weddings, showers and much more.



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